The advanced program

Who is the advanced program for?

The advanced program covers all you need to be as good as possible and perform at the highest level in the sport of fitness. The advanced program will have a specific focus area each session, such as endurance or strength, but with the opportunity to work a bit extra as (OPTIONAL PART) if your head or body really need more training.

weekly program in phone

The key features for your subscription

1. 5-6 days a week
2. 90-120 min a day
3. Easy to follow session structure
4. Maximize your performance and cover all you need in the sport
5. Coach notes every week from Alexander Elebro
6. Get invited to our Facebook group and share your progress with others on the same program.

Members on the program

“It’s fun, challenging and varying. It doesn’t matter where you train, you are always a part of the Original Athlete family.”

– Rebecka Wahlgren

“An allround program where coach is just a DM away when you need help”

– Daniel Malmström

“I’m here because the program feels personal. Second, and that’s the most important thing. I can talk with Alexander. The personal feedback is the most important thing.”

– Frank Cremer

“The program is easy to adjust according to your fitness level. Coach has a though behind the program and it’s not all out focus every single session.”

– Jenny Börselius Erngren

Session Structure

1. Warm up: All round warm-up that will make you ready for your workout.
2. Training: Main piece of training with a specific focus.
3. Accessory work: This can be areas that we often miss or that often get quite a lot of stress.
4. Cool down/mobility: Cool down or mobility flow to maximize your recovery and to feel awesome after your session.

Unbeatable price

We understand that you have a gym membership you need to pay for, training clothes you need to buy and life in general that costs a lot of money. That’s why we offer one of the best prices on the market.

  • Cancel whenever you want
  • 100% money back guaranteed
  • No fixation time

Subscribe now for 45 EUR/monthly